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email:, for inquiries, if you saw a piece at a show you want, or if you have an idea for a commission or product design.

As of 8/3/23, commision backlog is 3 installations, about 4 months? Except for Eggstravaganza, everything else on this website is sold out. Apologies. I show all of my new work at shows.

2023 art show schedule:

Larger works/ other materials (bronze, sterling, jade, steel, brass, stainless) by commission

Recently interviewed as featured artist from the Ann Arbor show, by Taylor Marks of Riseyear/whatsnext, Apple or Spotify

Apologies to the many shows who invited me in 2022, but unable to attend: La Quinta, Madison, 57th Street, Coconut Grove, Artigras, and a dozen others. Maybe next year?

Recently completed "Eggstravaganza #2" - 20" high, 12" wide, 0.5 inches thick ©2021, 2022 all rights reserved etc

Thank you for a great show season in 2019!

Apologies to these shows who invited me, but i was unable to attend: ACC Minneapolis, Deep Ellum Arts Festival (Dallas), Artigras Fine Arts Jupiter FL, Tucson 6th street, Aspen, Evergreen, Chicago, State Street, HEA, Breckenridge main street, Salida, and about 5 other shows, they were all kind enough to invite me, but I will be unable to attend.

And an especially big thank you to the folks who gave me my first show, the Cherry Arts Show Stanley 2015.

Thank you to all of my customers! What fun! Customers from Florida, Colorado, Hawaii, France, Boulder, and other places. Thank you to Adena Sladek and Fred Hall for artistic and booth support!

Why do I not show all of my newest designs on this website? For me, the biggest joy is watching people react when they look at one of my pieces, can't get that in an email or phone call.

Apologies, about 70 new works not shown on the web.


Older shows where you may have seen my work:

Oh, almost forgot, in response to your many questions, on a limited basis I will do commissions. They must be either a variation of a series, or new work for public display in a gallery, restaurant, public building, building facade, fence, room divider, window panel, museum display or other public works. Yes, I can go larger, up to 5 x 10 feet in a single piece, and building sized after that.

Here area few from the Cherry arts show: (if you click on the pictures, they get larger) (Of course, all designs are copyright (C) 2004-2018 by Mark Zirinsky, All rights reserved. )

Please contact me:

IMG_2051.JPG"One liner" series, about 18" high $450. A continuous line, this one is 102 feet long (sold) IMG_2074.JPG"Speckled". 16" high, $425 (sold)
zircherartsparquayed.JPG "Parquayed". 14" high. $550 (sold) zircherartsradiance.JPG"radiance". 16" high. $675
zircherryarts7spheres.JPG "7 spheres #1". 12" high. $525 zircherryartsalumenessence.JPG'Aluminessence, capped" 17" high. $1,600. Absolutely gorgeous. ** SOLD **
zircherryartsamoebinium.JPG"Amoebilium". 19" high. sold zircherryartscellularreligion.JPG"Cellular Religion". 10" high. $425. Our faith is the sum of the bits and pieces of our beliefs, in what we each hold to be true.
zircherryartsfamtree.JPG"Family tree". 14" high. $575 (sold) zircherryartsloftallah.JPG"lotfallah" 9" high. $375
zircherryartsspeckled.JPG"Speckled 2". 18" wide. sold zirincherryartssnakeskin.JPG"Snakeskin". 9" high. Sold
zirinsky1liner.jpg"1 liner over 3". 9" high. $375 zirinskyalortho.jpg "Cavernous". 16" high. Sold
zirinskyalumonite.jpg Alummonite. 15" high. $1,600 high zirinskyarterial.jpg"Orthomium." 10" high. Sold.
zirinskycellulous.jpg"Cellulous". 13" high. Sold zirinskyemergence.jpgAluminessence #1. NFS.
zirinskymarchingbowl.jpg "marching Bowl" 18" long. $1,300. All surfaces are absolutely flat, could have called this the "curveless" bowl.

pair of alummonites. a matching set. Sold


Photos are byJeff Scovil and Adena Sladek.



A few of them are:

Completed 2015. Carved aluminum. 22": high, 10" wide.

And a bowl, carved and engraved aluminum:

And a panel, also carved and engraved aluminum:

Of course, all designs are copyright (C) 2004-2015 by Mark Zirinsky, All rights reserved.

Older work:


Symmetrical Z cut (tm). 2007, black wyoming nephrite jade. about 6.5 inches long, 2.5 mm thick. 122 carats. Photo by Jeff Scovil.


Mark Zirinsky
Studio Z

Mailing address:

6035 E 38th Avenue, Denver, CO 80207

Some various works. Of hundreds of unique pieces, here are a few of the better ones. All designs (C) copyright 1997-2015 Mark Zirinsky. All rights reserved.

Symmetrical Z cut (tm)

2007, Argentinian jade, 53.42 cts , 60 x 40 mm approx, 2.0 mm thick, photo by Jeff Scovil

Breast plate of Aaron

2004, nephrite jade ands silver, 2,222.2 cts. Photo by Jeff Scovil


completed 2005, about 700 carats. Over 500 spherical facets. Photo by Jeff Scovil . Hand by Gail Devore. Carved nephrite and sterling.

breast plate of Aaron

1999. Sterling silver and gemstones. Weighs about 65 ounces. Set with 12 gemstones, labradorite, gem silica, amazonite, red agate, imperial picture jasper, rhodochrosite , lapis, crazy lace agate, meteorite, agate, sugilite.

Photo by Jeff Scovil.


"Bar Mitzvah" Torah breastplate

Novmber, 2008. Made to honor and commemorate the Bar Mitvahs of both of my sons, David and Robert. Made from a 600 pound black jade boulder found in Wyoming in 1958, and sterling silver. The Star of David is carved from one piece of jade, about 4 inches in diameter, weighs in at 116 carats. The tree is lost wax cast, soldered, and forged, the chain is fabricated. Both stones are set to the silver, the star using a reverse hidden flush channel set technique, the jade arc segment set with a reverse expansion tension set. The Hebrew engraving roughly translates to "Here my sons, honor your father's teachings and don't forsake your mother's Torah"

Overall height (without chain) is about 12 inches, about 8 inches wide.


Mark Zirinsky
Studio Z
Denver, Colorado